Test, try & build anything you can imagine

Whatever you’re building, you can build it better with Unleash: we free developers from constraints, so they have fewer hoops to jump through to create better software. Hosted on any platform in any country.

  • Highly flexible

    Unleash is a feature management tool that is designed to be integrated into any system through its extensive APIs.

  • Multi-region lets you stretch further

    Wherever you have software hosted, we can go with you; letting you stay closer to your customers and run faster instances.

  • Hosting options that accommodate your needs

    Fully managed or self-hosted: it’s your call. You don’t have to change for us: we meet your hosting needs and preferences

  • Launch like you’ve never launched before

    Unleash provides the building blocks for you to test anything and create any rules you can imagine to control your rollout.

Choice in hosting options

Hosted or self-hosted: where do you want to go?

Wherever it is, we’ll take you there. Unleash stretches to your hosting needs.


Coordinate feature flags

Unleash’s environments feature lets you configure activation strategies for multiple environments, giving you the control you need to release new features quickly and efficiently.


Host from where you do business

We let you go wherever your customers are: host from any country, run instances in any market, and test features by geographic regions.

Custom Activation strategies

Rollout strategies that give you more flexibility

Choose any of the built-in strategies or build your own custom strategies to release a feature for specific users or enable it for a small subset of users.

A/B and multivariate testing

Understand users' needs to develop safely

Feature flags are a great way to run A/B tests and decouple them from your code. Unleash ships with features to make it easy to get started.

Are you ready?

Hosted, or self-hosted: it’s your call. It’s quick and easy to set up. Get started in 2 steps with the functionality you need to improve your software delivery workflow.

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