Feature Toggle Management

Free and transparent feature toggle management platform that allows software development teams to focus on experimentation

Feature toggles allow software development teams to decide whether to release a specific set of features or updates to a selected group of user. This let them test and try out new features in line with the company’s testing and rollout strategy. In addition, risks can be minimized by identifying potential problem areas early on when releasing new features to gradually growing user groups. 

For these reasons, feature flagging is the ideal tool for A/B testing, and believe it or not, Unleash can give you full mastery of experimentations. With our feature toggle management platform, you can easily release features to controlled groups of users for A/B testing to get measurable results and identify issues or evaluate user satisfaction. 

Test with Unleash to better understand end-user expectations and needs

The versatility and flexibility of feature toggles not only makes it easier to run complex tasks of A/B testing and experimentation, but also gives you full control over the entire process and user cohorts. 

Feature flagging allows you to use powerful strategies based on strategy constraints and user stickiness.

Strategy constraints are detailed conditions that must be met to toggle the feature flag, such as geographic region, operating system, set of email addresses or IP, users ID in your database, or other attributes. User stickiness, on the other hand, is the parameter that guarantees that the same feature is shared with the same user in each iteration.

Unleash also provides many built-in strategies that allow you to run all kinds of experiments and A/B tests to find out which variant of a feature is more effective. In addition, marketing, product or development teams can use the built-in strategies to easily turn features on and off during production and code deployment.

Moreover, the Impression data functionality, offered by the Unleash feature flag management platform, enables sharing of collected data with third-party analytics providers, such as Google Analytics or Posthog, making it an even powerful tool for experimentation. 

With Unleash you can release features to controlled groups of users sooner and prove the value of your software faster

Future toggles can, of course, be used for different purposes, such as gradual rollout. But experimentation is so important that Unleash has developed its own toggle specifically for testing. Experiment toggles allow you to run an experiment and collect enough data to see if the feature needs some adjustments or meets user expectations. 

You can also use special strategy constraints or an analytics tool to collect metrics and measure data. In the case of multiple potential enhancements, you can also use variant feature toggles to release a feature in multiple variants with a simple on/off toggle switch. 

Get instant feedback to deliver your software with less risk

The Unleash feature toggle management platform gives developers more control over the code deployment process shortening time-to-market and providing a clear separation between delivering code to production and releasing features to users or members of development team. This makes the entire process clear and easy to manage. 

When software development teams move to an agile methodology and focus on continuous feature or microservice delivery, they must not only immediately recognize user feedback, but also closely control the feature deployment process. For this reason, feature flagging is a great solution to limit user access to new features, e.g. for experimentation purposes, and create a clear strategy for feature rollout. 

Feature toggle management takes the burden off software development teams and allows them to focus on experimentation

Feature flagging allows new features to be created and deployed as part of a development process without releasing them to a wide audience. They let developers to release new feature to a select group of people: members of the development team or a group of users selected to test a new solution. 

In addition, Unleash feature toggles are designed with restrictive privacy policies in mind, and the platform never transfers personal data from the company’s SDK to the Unleash server-side. 

Feature flags and segments are parameterized and created locally in the organization’s part of the application, as you have the feature flagging tool on your own infrastructure, within your own company and the data is not shared with third parties.

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